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There are many benefits to cleaning your home carpet other than it looking beautiful. You can easily eliminate allergens that collect over just a short period of time, such as dirt, dust, dust mites and bacteria.   Even if your carpet looks unsoiled, it may not be as clean as you think. Our equipment gives carpets a deep, thorough clean that will eliminate dirt AND allergens.  


Regular cleaning can actually extend the life of your carpet and help protect your investment. We tackle the deep down dirt of high traffic areas to ensure that your business looks its best and offers a healthy environment.  

Floor Cleaning

We clean more than carpets and rugs. Other services include: polishing, scrubbing, waxing, steaming and heavy-duty cleaning. We work on all types of floors such as marble, concrete, vinyl, tile and hardwood.  


Carpet and Spot Cleaning

We use the hot water extraction method, which is highly recommended by major carpet manufactures and experts in the cleaning field.

Our hot water extraction method not only cleans your carpet very thoroughly but also removes allergens.

Tile and Grout

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