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The “hot water extraction” method is also commonly referred to as the “steam cleaning method”. This is the method used by A-1 Oregon. This is the most effective carpet and upholstery cleaning
method available.

It is highly recommended by major carpet manufactures as well as by experts in the cleaning field. This method is most often and best accomplished by using a large truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine. The bulky equipment and noise are left outside the customer’s home.

Our “hot water extraction” method not only cleans your carpet very thoroughly but also removes or at least reduces hazardous bio-toxins and other microscopic compounds and organisms that thrive in dirty carpet and upholstery such as dust mites.

There are several types of “dry” carpet cleaning methods. These “dry method” processes are not nearly as effective as method discussed above. These “dry method” processes include dry foam, dry compound and dry chem. These methods are virtually ineffective on heavily soiled carpet and upholstery.